Being your natural self in front of a stranger’s camera can be daunting, that’s why I love to kick off every client’s journey with a pre-wedding or “engagement” shoot. It allows us to spend a couple of hours getting to understand and be comfortable with each other whilst getting some pretty awesome shots in a perhaps sentimental location of your choosing.

It’s also a great way for us to get to know you on a personal level so you feel more relaxed in front of the camera on your big day. We guarantee that our E-sessions photography in Davao will capture the most intimate moments of your life so you and your family can remember them forever.

E-sessions images can be fused into wedding and reception used as Save the Date and invitation cards, displays on reception welcome canvas and tables, wedding programs and favors, and simply framed for display in a couple’s home.

Simply Gray offers the perfect Davao Photography package for your needs, tailoring it to your vision before ensuring that the end results are simply priceless.

Our team is more than happy to offer advice regarding location and timing, but since the shoot is all yours, we allow you to select a location of your choice. We recommend that you choose a location in anywhere in the Philippines or other country that’s meaningful to both you and your partner, as this will make the shoots as special as possible.

E-session Services in Davao City
E-session Services in Davao City