About Simply Gray Studio

Milvene has been in the photography industry for more than 10 years, specializing in portraiture and weddings.

He practices a very hands-on, inward looking approach when working with clients.

Since founding the studio, he has steered the team in exploring ways to bring out each client’s identity, making every photo truly unique.


To be the most trusted team in professional photography and videography services through our commitment to artistic integrity, personalised services, and continuous innovation.


To give every client our undivided attention, making sure that we are able to respond to their individual needs and bring out the beauty of their uniqueness in every image.


Teamwork and Professionalism. We give time to get to know our clients and ensure that they have a pleasant and memorable experience with our team.

Innovation.The Simply Gray team never stops seeking fresh new ways to perfect our craft and set the standard in the industry.

Excellence. Above all, everyone in Simply Gray always strives to provide the most excellent of services to give our clients value for their time and money.