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When shared together with a loved one, autumn is a season of memories, both old and new. Times past are reminisced fondly, while new memories are formed with hope and joy.

Love can endure and stand the test of time, despite many trials and the changing of seasons. For many people, autumn also symbolizes the fall of old ways, cleared away by the purity that is winter, and reborn as a new spring comes to pass.

On its own, autumn can be considered a time of contemplation, as each leaf that falls is reminiscent of each memory coming alive, haunting yet fleeting. But once you find someone to share your life with, to witness the fall together and make new memories with, autumn then becomes the most romantic season to look back at the life you’ve built together, and the life that is soon to come.

Perhaps no life will ever be without flaws, and people can change over the course of seasons –but when one looks back at the memories built together, it is easy to see that love makes everything perfect.